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"Evolution is a """
How a Bible believer account for the supposedly geological-age system
Since Scripture presents the story of man
That dinosaur lived on earth is an undisputed fact. Where do they fit into the Bible's story of man? What brought about their extinction? This study reveals what Scripture has to say about this fascinating subject and presents passages where they are mentioned in God's Word.
Careful investigation of ancient history reveals
"Going back as far as the 1800's this study shows God's handiwork in the affairs of men. It shows how God guided and protected the Gospel and its spread throughout the world again and again by strange happening\"""" that determined the outcome of wars and events. This study reveals events concerning the Civil War"
This study offers a through
Presenting a series of studies taking a journey through the Bible to discover God's Plan for man down through the ages
"An introduction to the study of God's Plan For The Ages\"""""
Were the 6 days of creation literally we hour days?
  • What was man like and what was life on earth like?
  • Why are we held responsible for their sin?
  • What is the image of God
  • Misinterpreted Scripture
  • Misapplied Scripture.
  • Dislocated Scripture.
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