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What does the Bible reveal concerning the person who has never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ? What answers can be found in Scripture regarding this difficult question? This study shares a convincing - and understandable - stance of what Scripture teaches.
Many have wondered at just what age does a person become accountable for their actions. This study show from God's Word what He has to say about query.
This common and vexing problem concerning an individual being predestined is dealt with in this study from the pages of God's Word
This study follows the teaching of election
Jesus Christ's Gospel seems offensive to the natural man
Critics of the character of God often offer the incidents in Scripture of cruelty as an argument. This study gives understandable explanations for what may appear to be extreme cruelty on the part of Almighty God
What does the Bible claim of its contents and how can one know absolutely it can be trusted? This study offers reliable evidence that the Bible is dependable. Includes:
  • The Unique Structure of the Bible
  • The Claims of the Writers
  • The Testimony of Jesus Christ
  • The Problem of Verbal Inspiration
  • One of the strongest evidences that the Bible is Divinely inspired is the phenomenon of fulfilled prophecy. This study shows the many prophecies concerning nations
    This study offers Internal evidences of the inspiration of the Bible
    "\""""This study deals with the phenomenon of the characters and events of the Old Testament that provide perfect types"
    "Critics of the Bible often offer seeming discrepancies\"""" of Scripture. How can they be answered? With what appears to be contradicts in Scripture"
    True science is built upon certain basic principles
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