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I have been in full time preaching-ministry since 1948 with the Assemblies of God – about 8 years as an evangelist, traveling in several of the states. Most of my ministry has been pastoring various churches throughout the state of New York. In those years I collected Biblical material in an attempt to bring to congregations what I sincerely felt Scripture to clearly teach.

My desire has been to be a conveyer of truth giving principles of living as taught in God’s Word and to answer questions concerning the Bible and its subjects. I have read literally thousands of books of great men of God over a lifetime of study. I readily admit to copying a great deal of material from various sources. I am deeply indebted to writers who have contributed much to any knowledge of Scripture that I may have. I do not make any claim of originality. Someone has said, “If you copy from one source, it is plagiarizing, however, if you copy from several sources, that’s research.” I freely admit that much of my material has not originated with me, but rather, has been gathered from sundry sources down through the years since 1947. I have not been vigilant in keeping a record of where I obtained material. My only intention, at the time, was to gather material for whatever God wanted me to preach. I never intending, or expected, to make it available other than through my pastoral ministry, therefore, I have not kept records in order to give “credit.”

The Iannettoni’s of the Meloon Foundry in Syracuse, New York, have made it possible to put my material on a Website. There is no profit, no one is obtaining any benefit from this site other than the gratification of knowing that there will be some who receive Spiritual assistance from this material. 

It is God’s truth – not that of any teacher – and as such it is committed to His care for His Glory!.