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"\""""This study presents clear teaching on the Virgin Birth"
Is it important to believe in the humanity of Jesus Christ? Why did Jesus take on humanity? This study shows how one can reconcile Jesus' perfect humanity and absolute deity
This study traces Jesus' life through the New Testament
This study shows Jesus' remarkable and marvelous method of teaching; His supernatural power
This study deals with the strange fascination associated with His death
Why did Jesus have to die in such a manner as crucifixion and why did it have to be so severe and so public? This study explains the reasons why!
Why is Christ's resurrection the crowning proof of Christianity? The predictions of Christ's resurrection is traced throughout the Old Testament and the evidences of it authenticity are given in this study. Includes:
  • The Importance of the ResurrectionThe Foundation of Christianity
  • The Predictions of the Resurrection
  • The Empty Tomb
  • The Appearances of Christ
  • The Witness of the Apostles
  • This study shares the various beliefs men have about God
    Though the existence of God cannot be proven scientifically
    What is God like and how does Scripture present His character? This study presents how we know God's attitude toward us is. It answers the question
    "\""""We all have wondered at one time or another"
    Objections of the exclusiveness of salvation through none other than Jesus Christ are countless. This study attempts to face them squarely
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