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Communion Message
Bible Studies
A series of messages given for the monthly Communion Services over fifty years.
Bible Studies
A Biblical study on what depression is and how to rid your self of this hopeless spirit of despair
Easter Lesson 1
Bible Studies
Christ In you
Easter Lesson 2
Bible Studies
Christ's Glorious Resurrection
Easter Lesson 3
Bible Studies
Disappointment Turns into Joy
Easter Lesson 7
Bible Studies
Resurrection Life Now
Easter Lesson 8
Bible Studies
Resurrection Living
End Time Prophecy
Bible Studies
Prophetic Events God's Word Gives for the End-Time.
Gives the purpose for preparing studies on Christian Evidences
Showing the exclusive claims of the Bible; its unique historical background; how it was prepared; how cannon of Scripture was decided and just how reliable the Bible is. Includes:
  • The Exclusive Claims of Christianity
  • The Unique Historical Basis of Christianity
  • Christianity's Unique Account of Origins
  • The Authencity of the Bible
  • How the Bible was Prepared
  • How the Cannon of Scripture was Decided
  • This study reveals how Scripture teaches Jesus lived before His conception; during Jewish captivity; the time of the Old Testaments prophets; in the days of King David; the Judges; Joshua; Israel in the wilderness; the time of Moses; Jacob; Abraham; Noah; Enoch; the Garden of Eden; at the time of the creation; and in eternity past
    Reveals Jesus' Incarnation and His Virgin Birth. Shows how the Old Testament predicted the Messiah's deity; giving Christ's claim; God's endorsement; and the Apostles teaching on His deity. This study presents the divine attributes that declare His deity.
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